How to Ensure Your Influencer is Reaching the Right Audience

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Tips for Finding the Right Social Influencers

So you found your perfect influencer to promote your product: it’s a well-known celebrity with over a million followers on her Instagram account and she posts on social media every day. You spend a good sum of money to ask her to post on her account and you begin to see a positive, upward trend in your product revenues.

But suppose you notice another social influencer on Instagram with a slightly smaller following and a higher rate of engagement than your celebrity endorser. This influencer isn’t a celebrity, but interacts with her fans as much as possible because she has a more targeted niche audience. Did you end up choosing the right influencer when you went with a celebrity?

The decision of which influencer to choose depends on who you are trying to reach. Getting a celebrity to promote your product is a huge win; with a single post, a celebrity can get your brand in front of millions of people with a picture or a promoted post. If your focus is on audience reach, then choosing a celebrity can be an easy way to blast your brand to a huge pool of people.

Surprisingly, regular people (a.k.a non-celebrities), can have a huge impact on niche target markets. Surveys reveal that, amongst a group of teenagers, YouTube stars are viewed as more relatable and engaging while celebrities are seen as more reliable and smarter. Choosing to go with a social influencer who is considered a standout in the niche you are targeting can build trust in your consumer market. It also boosts your social influencer’s image by helping them remain authentic as they build awareness around your brand.

Picture an electronics brand that is promoting the release of a new video game. If you want to increase the number of impressions your advertisement gets, then picking a celebrity who is a known video gamer could be a great way to push your product to a lot of people at once. You might also choose to go with a popular YouTube star who reviews video games and posts videos of himself playing these games on his channel. It depends on what your product needs and who you want to target; just remember, a bigger audience doesn’t always equal a huge ROI.

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